The Triple Dog Dare

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The Triple Dog Dare

You'll never live it down if you don't accept a Triple Dog Dare. 

Only a true badass will really stare down a Triple Dog Dare. So here it is: 

Join Uncommonly Normal in showing the world what a badass you can be. 

How? And what really is a "badass"? 

It boils down to this: Be unrelenting, tough, and extreme enough in your behavior and attitude that you inspire others. An Uncommonly Normal Badass strives to be kind, generous, present, and fearless. 

You can be a badass in every day life in small and big ways. The challenge is recognizing it in yourself, and inspiring and encouraging others. 


Here's the Triple Dog Dare: 

Share a photo of what you did today (and tomorrow and the next day, and the next month) tell everyone what you did, and tag it:  #UncommonlyNormalBadass

Do this on FB, Instagram, or Twitter to be featured weekly! 

We'll be doing some random giveaways to all of the participating #UncommonlyNormalBadass (es) too! 

So, if you want to win some stuff and inspire others (and stare this Triple Dog Dare in the face) share your #UncommonlyNormalBadass story (every day or whenever you're not too busy being a badass). It's that easy. 

Badasses...  unite!