Lyme Disease: The Stories You Don't Hear

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Lyme Disease: The Stories You Don't Hear

With the summer, outdoor season looming, you're probably hearing the reports that Lyme Disease is projected to plague the nation. May is even Lyme Disease Awareness Month; strategically placed at the beginning of tick season. 

But do you really understand the lasting effects of Lyme? Do you know that some people live with it for the rest of their lives? Plagued by debilitating fatigue and pain?  

I wanted to share one Lyme Warrior story with you. It's a story you won't hear from a celebrity, or even on the local news. But it is real and way more common than you realize.

Please share this story,  and facts about Lyme prevention...


I'm 31 and from Michigan. I have struggled with Lyme for at least 15yrs.

It's important to note, Michigan is highly endemic for Lyme Disease. I've spent my entire life there, where I enjoyed camping, playing outside and going to the beach with family and friends.

Even with the area I call home being a hot spot for ticks, growing up I have zero recollection of seeing any (that I can recall) or hearing about Lyme disease. But why would I have? I wasn't ever afraid of bugs and Lyme disease is grossly underreported and acknowledged.

In High School, I was working at an amusement park over the summer and came home with a "ring" rash one day. When my mom took me to the doctors, they never even considered or mentioned Lyme. I still didn't know about ticks or this disease. In gym class that year, my knee suddenly started to give out for no apparent reason and I also began to experience depression and anxiety.

A few years later, I became seriously ill with severe abdominal pain and had strep throat numerous times, over a very short duration of time. At the ER, it was assumed my appendix was going to rupture, but when lab work and scans came back, I was given only a diagnosis of Autoimmune Hashimotos Thyroid.

Years after that incident, I awoke one morning to find a bug embedded in my leg. I had no idea it was a tick. My baby at the time, co-slept with me and in the weeks following, I found strange rashes on the both of us everywhere on our bodies.

I had vertigo, a constant stiff neck, night sweats, migraines, my side hurt, aches and pains all over...Dylan wasn't sleeping well, so we went to the ER because I had become extremely worried. We were given a steroid cream.

Again, not Lyme or ticks came to their minds, or ours...even after showing them the picture I took of the bug I had found and of our recurring rashes.

The years passed, 5 to be exact this month. After having another baby, and a growing list of unexplained symptoms and multiple doctors, my 2 boys and I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

This is a very vague description of what Lyme means to me, our family, friends and the thousands, if not millions, of others who have this disease and similar stories, as well.

Please join me, and the rest of us this month, to bring the awareness that Lyme Disease and those affected, is so desperately warranted and needed.


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