[CODES REVEALED] : Load Up Labor Day

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[CODES REVEALED] : Load Up Labor Day


     ... some of our collections are on their way OUT!

After Black Friday, you will be unable to get tees from these Collections:

  • Uncommonly RAD 80's Collection
  • Wonder Woman Collection
  • Uncommonly Normal Badass Collection
  • SpecialTee Collection (Halloween & Christmas designs)


Don't be tooooo sad. 


     ...You can now get some BADASS bling in the Ana Collection

(Pssst.... they are also REDUCED right now, just for you)



     ...This weekend ONLY (Friday 8/31-Monday 9/3) you can use discount codes to LOAD UP on your favorite tees from the collections we'll be discontinuing. You can get some half off or even FREE. 

     ...AND... you can get our popular new Wearable Mantras (not only on sale) but half off or even FREE. 


Here are your codes! 

3XLaborDay   [Buy 3 tees, get one 50% off]

5XLaborDay   [Buy 5 tees, get one FREE]

MANTRA3     [Buy 3 Wearable Mantra bracelets, get one 50% off]

MANTRA5     [Buy 5 Wearable Mantra bracelets, get one FREE]

Now... there are rules. 

*You can only use one code per order. If you order tees AND Wearable Mantras, please place your orders separately to take advantage of both offers.

**Each code can be used up to 5X on each order. (ex, if you order 25 Mantra bracelets, put 30 in your cart and use the code one time. It will automatically give you 5 free bracelets.)

***Make sure you put the full number of items you are entitled to in your cart before using the code. (ex: If you want to use MANTRA3, put 4 bracelets in your cart. The 4th will automatically be discounted when you enter the code)

****The tee codes (3XLaborDay, 5XLaborDay) are ONLY valid in these Collections:

  • Wonder Woman Collection (including all items, not just tees!)
  • Uncommonly Normal Badass Collection
  • Uncommonly RAD 80's Collection
  • SpecialTee Collection

These collections will disappear after Black Friday weekend FOREVER.  :O 

NOW is the time to knock out your Christmas shopping list and grab all the gifts you need EARLY. (No stress!) Don't forget teachers, coaches, co-workers, team mates, daughters, mothers, sisters, and, of course your squad/tribe/bestfriendsforlive. 

ONE MORE THING.... Free Shipping has been extended until September 3. 

(You're welcome.) 

Now... GO SHOPPING!!!   [All offers end at 11:59pm MT on Mon. Sept. 3]