Buh-Bye 2016...

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Buh-Bye 2016...

Everyone's just about HAD IT with 2016... 

Maybe you're one of the fortunate ones who got engaged, had a baby, graduated or accomplished something super awesome. Maybe you just had a pretty good year. 

For many, 2016... well - it sucked

The world lost several beloved legends. Politics were stressful. Friendships ended. Families feuded. Countries are bombing each other. Natural disasters are happening. 

Every year has its ups and downs, but it just seems like this year, for many, was particularly rough. But there's good news...

2016 will be over in 4, 3, 2...  we're almost there. We're a little disheveled, out of breath, even bruised -- but we're stronger. YOU'RE stronger

BUH-BYE 2016... 

We're greeting 2017 like...

We're all a little wiser and tougher as we head into 2017. 

You deserve a reward for making it this far! You also need some BADASS gear to help you face whatever 2017 throws at you. (Fingers crossed it's nothing more than chocolate frosted cupcakes or maybe some glitter confetti.)

Through January 1, I want to offer you: 



a $10 Gift Certificate (emailed to you after January 2) for every $100 you spend with Uncommonly Normal Apparel

[That's like getting paid $10 to do something you really wanted to do anyway...] 


Hey -- you're also boosting your good karma. A portion of your purchase benefits The Anastasia Susko Memorial Scholarship Fund (helping young females pursue their passions and do amazing things after graduation) and The Towne Family (a whole family battling the worst Lyme Disease can dish out

Guilt-free shopping. It's all yours... <3